What public input was included in Wyoming’s decision of adopting the CCSS?

There were public comment periods and hearings during the review and implementation process of the CCSS in Wyoming, however, upon further investigation it is questionable that these were done with adequate response to move forward in the implementation process.

There was a public comment period posted by the WDE in May 2011, however, comments were not accepted on the actual CCSS standards:

“The Wyoming Content Standards for mathematics and language arts have incorporated the Common Core State Standards, which the State Board of Education has agreed to adopt. For this reason, these standards and benchmarks cannot be changed. The Wyoming Department of Education is seeking input on the rationale and performance level descriptors found in the draft documents for these two content areas.”

Another public comment period was held AFTER the SBE voted to implement the CCSS and the 45-day public comment period took place in large part over the holiday break of 2011-2012.

We have yet to find one media outlet that published the press release revealing this comment period.

There were 6 live public hearings and 7 WEN hearings across the state in February 2012.

We know that only ONE person attended the meeting in Thermopolis, WY.

You can see the references for these statements on the Timeline page: Click here

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