A great TED talk on what has changed and hurt education in America:


The following videos are from a Common Core forum in Jackson in January 2014:

stop common

The American Principles Project and Concerned Women of America have produced a fabulous video series that describes what Common Core Standards are, how we got them and what we can do to get them out of our state.
Please watch all five segments and share this link with as many people as you can.
If you want to educate yourself about Common Core, see the Pioneer Institute report “Controlling Education From The Top” in Recommended Reading on our Resources page.”

News coverage of Common Core:

Common Core in Wyoming: Former Wyoming Legislator Amy Edmonds, a current Policy Analyst at the Wyoming Liberty Group, presented at the Park County Library in Cody in July 2013.  See this 3 part video below:


Stop the National Common Core Power Grab: Reclaim Local Control of Education by


Dr. Sandra Stotsky Discusses Common Core



Indoctrination in Common Core ELA Texts


Common Core ELA Informational Texts


My Concerns with Common Core by Dan Forest

Dr. Evertt Piper on the Common Core

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