Take Action: Legislators being fed Common Core for Preschool!


Over 30 Wyoming Legislators are attending the Council of State Governments (CSG) Conference in Alaska this week.   It includes a class called “College & Career: Does it begin in Preschool? Experts agree instruction to put students on track for college- and career-readiness can’t wait to begin until kindergarten. This session will focus on policies and program solutions to ensure successful and expanded access to preschool education.”

See the agenda HERE and the class description HERE. Remember that “College & Career Readiness” means Common Core and its federal mandates.

The CSG Education Public Policy Committee and the CSG West Education Committee presented to our legislators their reason for wanting to push the Common Core agenda down to the youngest members of our society!


1) Ask your representative if they attended this conference. If they did, ask him/her what policies & program solutions were recommended and how they see those policies being introduced into Wyoming’s Pre-K programs.  

2) Let your representative know you are concerned that these mandates do not belong in the very early years of our children’s lives. In fact Early Childhood advocates have published “grave concerns” and research that identifies Common Core as inappropriate in their Joint Statement.  

3) It wouldn’t hurt to mention that you are also concerned that tax payer dollars are being used to fund our legislators attending something that pushes outside agencies agendas.


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