Take Action- January 8th

Dear Citizen,

Happy New Year! We have taken a rest to enjoy the Christmas season but are ready
again to advocate for the education of Wyoming’s children as we head into 2014.

We want to thank you for signing the letter to Governor Mead that was delivered
in December. There were 1165 signatures on the letter and 160 more have been
added since then. We are still collecting signatures at http://wyomingcitizensopposingcommoncore.com/letter-governor/

It would be unfortunate for our letter to be overlooked as the Governor-appointed State Board of Education meets this month. The Governor letter stated “We implore you to advise the appointed State Board of Education not to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards at their January meeting.” The Next Generation Science Standards are on the agenda to be discussed and possibly voted into the next phase of the adoption process at the State Board meeting on
January 23rd/24th

Take Action by Monday: Write the Governor and let him know that you are interested to know of his official response to the letter presented to him on Dec 9th and the requests outlined therein. If you signed the petition you may want to say something to the effect of, “I was one of the over 1100 concerned parents/consituents who signed the letter delivered to you on Dec 9th. I would like to know of your official response to the letter and the requests made therein.”

The original letter can be viewed here for your convenience:

It is important for the Legislature and the State Board of Education to be aware of our requests as well, so please “cc” their emails into your message. The emails are below.

We will be sending out “Take Action” items weekly since the State Board is meeting in a few weeks and then the Legislative budget session begins in early February.

Also, we would like your permission to add your email to our subscriber list. If you haven’t done so already please consider giving us your permission to do so by clicking on the “subscribe” button on the following link: http://wyomingcitizensopposingcommoncore.com/call-action-weekly-item/

Below are the email addresses for your letters. Thank you again for participating in the effort to
keep local, quality education in Wyoming schools.


Wyoming Citizens Opposing Common Core

“To”(Governor’s email): governor@wyo.gov

“CC” (Legislature & SBE Emails):

Jim.Anderson.SD02@wyoleg.gov, Hank.Coe@wyoleg.gov, Bill.Landen@wyoleg.gov,
Phil.Nicholas@wyoleg.gov, Chris.Rothfuss@wyoleg.gov, steve.harshman@wyoleg.gov,
Mike.Madden@wyoleg.gov, Tim.Stubson@wyoleg.gov, Matt.Teeters@wyoleg.gov,
Mary.Throne@wyoleg.gov, Mark.Baker@wyoleg.gov, Eric.Barlow@wyoleg.gov,
Rosie.Berger@wyoleg.gov, Stan.Blake@wyoleg.gov, Dave.Blevins@wyoleg.gov,
Gregg.Blikre@wyoleg.gov, Kermit.Brown@wyoleg.gov, Donald.Burkhart@wyoleg.gov,
James.Byrd@wyoleg.gov, Rita.Campbell@wyoleg.gov, Richard.Cannady@wyoleg.gov,
Kathy.Coleman@wyoleg.gov, Cathy.Connolly@wyoleg.gov, Kathy.Davison@wyoleg.gov,
John.Eklund@wyoleg.gov, Ken.Esquibel@wyoleg.gov, Lee.Filer@wyoleg.gov,
John.Freeman@wyoleg.gov, Gerald.Gay@wyoleg.gov, Keith.Gingery@wyoleg.gov,
Patrick.Goggles@wyoleg.gov, Mike.Greear@wyoleg.gov, Matt.Greene@wyoleg.gov,
Marti.Halverson@wyoleg.gov, Elaine.Harvey@wyoleg.gov, Hans.Hunt@wyoleg.gov,
Lynn.Hutchings@wyoleg.gov, Allen.Jaggi@wyoleg.gov, Norine.Kasperik@wyoleg.gov,
Dan.Kirkbride@wyoleg.gov, Kendell.Kroeker@wyoleg.gov, Samuel.Krone@wyoleg.gov,
Lloyd.Larsen@wyoleg.gov, Tom.Lockhart@wyoleg.gov, Bunky.Loucks@wyoleg.gov,
Tom.Lubnau@wyoleg.gov, Robert.McKim@wyoleg.gov, David.Miller@wyoleg.gov,
Glenn.Moniz@wyoleg.gov, Bob.Nicholas@wyoleg.gov, David.Northrup@wyoleg.gov,
John.Patton@wyoleg.gov, Jerry.Paxton@wyoleg.gov, Ruth.Petroff@wyoleg.gov,
Garry.Piiparinen@wyoleg.gov, Tom.Reeder@wyoleg.gov, Mark.Semlek@wyoleg.gov,
Albert.Sommers@wyoleg.gov, Sue.Wallis@wyoleg.gov, Tom.Walters@wyoleg.gov,
Stephen.Watt@wyoleg.gov, Sue.Wilson@wyoleg.gov, Nathan.Winters@wyoleg.gov,
David.Zwonitzer@wyoleg.gov, Dan.Zwonitzer@wyoleg.gov, Jim.Anderson.SD28@wyoleg.gov,
Paul.Barnard@wyoleg.gov, Eli.Bebout@wyoleg.gov, Bruce.Burns@wyoleg.gov,
Cale.Case@wyoleg.gov, Leland.Christensen@wyoleg.gov, Stan.Cooper@wyoleg.gov,
Bernadine.Craft@wyoleg.gov, Dan.Dockstader@wyoleg.gov, Ogden.Driskill@wyoleg.gov,
Fred.Emerich@wyoleg.gov, Floyd.Esquibel@wyoleg.gov, Gerald.Geis@wyoleg.gov,
John.Hastert@wyoleg.gov, Larry.Hicks@wyoleg.gov, John.Hines@wyoleg.gov,
Wayne.Johnson@wyoleg.gov, Curt.Meier@wyoleg.gov, Leslie.Nutting@wyoleg.gov,
Drew.Perkins@wyoleg.gov, Ray.Peterson@wyoleg.gov, Tony.Ross@wyoleg.gov,
John.Schiffer@wyoleg.gov, Charles.Scott@wyoleg.gov, Michael.VonFlatern@wyoleg.gov,
joe.reichardt@wyoboards.gov, sue.belish@wyoboards.gov, kathy.coon@wyoboards.gov,
pete.gosar@wyo.gov, hugh.hageman@wyoboards.gov, scotty.ratliff@wyoboards.gov,
walt.wilcox@wyoboards.gov, kathryn.sessions@wyoboards.gov, belenda.willson@wyoboards.gov,
ken.rathbun@wyoboards.gov, ron.micheli@wyoboards.gov, marykay.hill@wyo.gov

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