Next Generation Science Standards

Wyoming is now beginning the review process for state science standards. The standards that are created to align with the Common Core are called Next Generation Science Standards. They are part of the review process taking place in Wyoming. The press release stating this process can be viewed here.

For a printable brochure on the NEXT Generation Science Standards click here.

To view the Next Generation Science Standards, from the Wyoming Department of Education website click here.

Concerns regarding the Next Generation Science Standards:

To see a compilation of the standards having to do with human impact on the earth, climate change, fossil fuels, global warming, greenhouse gases, etc. click here

To read the Conservation District stance on the Next Generation click here

The following is information on a lawsuit currently against the NGSS in Kansas:


April 21, 2013
Robert P. Lattimer, Ph.D.

The final draft of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) was released to the public on April 9, 2013. The “Framework for K-12 Science Education” as well as the Standards were developed from 2011-2013 by a small group of elite scientists and educators. The NGSS authors are urging all states to adopt the Framework and Standards so that all U.S. public schools will follow the same science standards from Kindergarten through high school. Although the use of NGSS is in principle a matter of state-by-state choice, economic and other
incentives may move states to accept the new standards. Twenty-six states that have been involved in the development process are expected to be among the first to seek adoption. [Read More…]

For more information regarding the concerns of the Next Generation Science Standards click here.

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