Park County Makes Progress In Awareness And Action

Attention is being brought to the Common Core and surrounding issues in Park County. Here are some articles and radio spots that have recently been published. Grassroots efforts DO make a difference! We encourage every concerned citizen to recognize their efforts are important!

A newspaper reporter writes a great opinion piece: Wake up: Common Core must be stopped

Here is the article that the Cody Enterprise wrote on the Park County Republican Women Luncheon that addressed the Common Core: Click Here To Read The Articlee

A concerned citizen writes a Letter to the Editor regarding privacy policy in Park County School District #6:
LETTER:School Privacy Policy Needs Work

Another editorial on the privacy concerns at Park County School District #6:
EDITORIAL: District needs to fix ‘privacy’ issue now

Wyoming Liberty Group’s Amy Edmonds and Steve Klein on KODI’s Speak Your Piece: Speak Your Piece

KODI reports on the Park County School District #6 privacy policy and citizen concern shared at the September Board meeting: News

Wyoming Liberty Group Staff Attorney reports on his experience in Cody in September: Click Here to Read

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