Other State Groups

Truth In American Education (national)
Alabamians United for Exc. in Edu. (AL)
Eagle Forum Alabama (AL)
Californians United Against CCore (CA)
Colorado Against Common Core (CO)
Stop Common Core Colorado
Parents & Educators Against CC in (CO)
Floridians Against CC Education (FL)
Florida Parents Against CC (FL)
Stop Common Core In Georgia (GA)
Iowans for Local Control (IA)
Idahoans for Local Education (ID)
Illinois Freedom Coalition Against CommonCore (IL)
Stop Common Core Illinois (IL)
Hoosiers Against Common Core (IN)
Kansas Against Common Core (KS)
Parents & Educators Against CC (LA)
Stop Common Core in MI (MI)
Education Liberty Watch (MN)
Coalition of NH Taxpayers (NH)
Stop Common Core in NC (NC)
Stop Common Core in NY State (NY)
Stop Common Core NY (NY)
Ohioans Against Common Core (OH)
OH Educators & Parents Against CC Curriculum (OH)
Restore Oklahoma Public Education (OK)
Pennsylvanians Against Common Core (PA)
South Dakotans Against Common Core (SD)
Utahans Against Common Core (UT)
WhatIsCommonCore – Utah Blog (UT)
Susan Ohanian (VT)
Stop Common Core in WA State (WA)
Citizens United For Responsible Education (WA)
Where’s The Math (WA)
Stop Common Core in Wisconsin (WI)
Wyoming Against the Common Core (WY)
Wyoming Freedom in Education (WY)

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