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“Do the math — Common Core = a massive, risky experiment on your kids” 

By Dr. James Milgrim

Controversy is swirling about the new Common Core national standards, which are designed to transform K-12 education in English language arts and math.

Especially in the area of math, Common Core proponents insist that it is the only way to address the problem of lagging achievement by American students. But the Common Core math standards fall far short of what students need for more advanced work.

In some ways Common Core amounts to a massive experiment with our children – an experiment we think the states would be wise to reconsider.

Most educators would agree that mathematical education in the U.S. is in crisis, and that the reason is the way math is currently taught. But Common Core does nothing to address this problem. And in fact, in many areas the national standards are fully as poor as the standards of the weakest states. [Read More…]

Common Core’s Cloudy Vision of College Readiness in Math

By Sandra Stotsky

Common Core’s egalitarian tentacles are now slithering towards high school diploma requirements. In states that respond to a current prod to “align” their high school graduation requirements in mathematics with the academic level reflected in Common Core’s college-readiness mathematics standards, the mathematics coursework taken by our low-achieving high school students may indeed become stronger. But if such an alignment is not strategically altered, states may be unwittingly reducing other students’ participation in more demanding mathematics curricula and their academic eligibility for undergraduate STEM majors and internationally competitive jobs in mathematics-dependent areas. [Read More…]

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