History and Timeline

Common Core Timeline National/Wyoming

Dec 2008:The NGA, CCSSO and Achieve, Inc publish the “Benchmarking for Success” report on education reform (i)
February 2009:$4.35 billion is earmarked in the ARRA stimulus package for education reform (ii)
Spring 2009:Common Core State Standards Initiative is joined by states (iii)
Spring 2009:Wyoming’s Governor and State Superintendent signed an MOA committing WY to the adoption of the CCSS in ELA and mathematics although education standards are under the statutory authority of the State Board of Education (iv)
July 2009:US DOE announces the Race To The Top grant competition (v)
August 2009:In an SBE meeting, WDE staff updated the SBE on the standards revision process taking place and tied this process in with the Common Core State Standards for seemingly the first time publically (vi)
Sept 2009:A draft of standards called “College-and Career-Readiness Standards” were released for states to view (this draft was not a draft of the full standards) (vii)
Jan 4, 2010:The WDE requested districts to each sign an MOU with the state for the RttT application; the memo gave the districts only 4 days to return the MOU signed by the district Superintendent, Board Chair President and the Local Teachers’ Union Leader; funding rewards were attached to district participation (viii)
Jan 14, 2010:WY State Superintendent told the SBE in a meeting that the state had an excellent chance of receiving $162 million from the RttT and $11 million more through a data grant (ix)
Jan 19, 2010:The 1st phase of the Race to the Top grant applications were due; Wyoming submitted an application (x)
Feb 22, 2010:The federal government announced the intent to tie Title I funding to the Common Core commitment, essentially cutting off nearly all federal education funding to states that opt out (xi)
March 2010:The first draft of K-12 standards was finally released by NGA and CCSSO (xii)
March 2010, 10-April 2, 2010:WDE has a public comment collection period for drafts of the K-12 Common Core English Language Arts and Mathematics Standards (xiii)
Spring 2010:Wyoming does not win the Race to the Top grant in Phase I (xiv)
April 16, 2010:In an SBE board meeting, according to the meeting minutes, the State Superintendent stressed that Wyoming would “need to figure out how we can work with common core standards by 2015; otherwise, it could affect the federal dollars we receive.” (xv)
May 14-15, 2010:A group of 37 teachers, parents, business people, higher education faculty and WDE personnel met in Casper to look at the pros and cons of the common core Math standards (CCSS) (xxix)
May 21-22, 2010:The Wyoming Department of Education Standards Team, in an effort to involve key education stakeholders in the 2010-2013 standards review process, organized a two day meeting in which twenty-nine area content experts convened to conduct a detailed analysis of the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards for consideration by the State Board of Education. (xxix)
June 1, 2010:The Phase II Race to the Top grant applications deadline (WY did not apply) (xvi)
June 2, 2010:The official Common Core State Standards were released; copyrighted by the NGA and CCSSO (xvii)
June 16, 2010:The SBE voted to approve the adoption of the Common Core state standards for the review process
“The Board approves the adoption of 100% of the common core state standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics in the next revision of the Wyoming Content Performance Standards to be completed by December, 2011 The common core standards will comprise at least 85% of the revised Wyoming Content Performance Standards in each of these two content areas.” (xviii)
Nov 29, 2010:Wyoming signs an MOU with the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium as an “Advisory State” (xix)
Spring 2011:The Wyoming standards revision committees met (ELA and math) (xx)
May 2011:WDE announces a public comment period for 1 month on the standards, however they state:
“The Wyoming Content Standards for mathematics and language arts have incorporated the Common Core State Standards, which the State Board of Education has agreed to adopt. For this reason, these standards and benchmarks cannot be changed. The Wyoming Department of Education is seeking input on the rationale and performance level descriptors found in the draft documents for these two content areas.” (xxi, xxii)
Sept 2011:The SBE adopts the Revised Wyoming Content and Performance Standards; which includes the CCSS in Language Arts and Mathematics (xxiii)
Dec 2011:US DOE amends the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, loosening protections of student data (xxiv)
Dec 2011:The WDE announces a public comment period, open for 45 days (over the holidays), for feedback on the standards
“The state will review and consider all public comments and make any necessary modifications to the Chapter 31 Rules and/or the 2011 Revised Wyoming Content and Performance Standards for Health, Language Arts, or Mathematics as appropriate.” (xxv)
February 2012:Public hearings held around state and through WEN (xvi)
April 2012:The SBE votes to adopt the Revised State Standards, which include 100% of the CCSS
April 2013: Wyoming requests an ESEA waiver, which reflects Wyoming's commitment to "college and career ready standards" (xxvii)
August 2013:Wyoming signs an MOU with the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium as a “Governing State” (xviii)
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Click here for MOU
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