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Education historian Diane Ravitch, the leading voice in the movement opposing corporate-based school reform, has for several years said she has no definitive opinion on the Common Core State Standards.  She has since decided that she does have an opinion of them.  To read her stance click here.


There are some concerns for how the new education reform will affect teachers.  Wyoming has implemented the Education Accountability Act, which includes how teachers will be evaluated:

“Teacher/Leader Effectiveness
Teacher Evaluation (19)
By July 1, 2013, SBE rules and regulations will be in place for annual teacher evaluation system based in part upon defined student academic performance measures as prescribed by law and upon longitudinal data systems linking student achievement with teacher of record. The select committee will study levels of performance for highly effective, effective, and ineffective teachers and leaders. It will define teachers and leaders of record and allow districts the opportunity to refine the system. It will provide for state and district mentoring and professional development. Definitions of initial and continuing contract teachers are provided in the statute.” (


The full description of the Wyoming Education Accountability Act can be viewed here:

An overview of the Accountability Act in PowerPoint format:

We encourage you to become a member of the panel going over the Wyoming Education Accountability Act:

There are several Regional Summits on Education Accountability taking place around the state currently.  You can view their locations/dates here:


Data collection is also a part of the Education Accountability taking place.   Not only are students being tracked, but teachers as well.   We have listed some links below to guide you on where you can see the information on this data collection on the WDE website:

WDE684 Guidebook: Teacher/Course/Student Enrollment Data:

WDE652 Guidebook: WISE School District Staff Member Data Collection:

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