Fighting Common Core

How to Fight the Common Core State Standards in Wyoming:

Concerned Citizens with Limited Time:
  • First, educate yourself thoroughly starting with the resources provided on this website. Continue to stay aware of current discussions and news.
  • Talk to parents, teachers, principals and other citizens you know.
  • If you know about scheduled presentations, invite everyone you can.
  • Write letters to the editor. Organize with others so the many facets can get covered in a series of short letters written by different authors. Try to distribute to different newspapers.
  • Call and write your own legislators. Educate them about the concerns. Then ask for support in co-sponsoring legislation to suspend implementation of Common Core State Standards or to freeze the funding for it until the concerns can be studied and questions about long term costs for the state can be answered.
  • If you have more time and want to become more deeply involved, consider helping us as a partner (see below)
Roles for Committed Partners in WCOCC:
  • Researchers (specific tasks as they arise)
    • Online research through state documents, articles, press releases, etc
    • Phone calls to people involved early on in adoption of CCSS
    • Possible visits to Cheyenne, if needed
    • Writers
      • Scan internet for editorials in support of CCSS; write rebuttals
      • Guest articles in various newspapers informing the public of dangers
      • WCOCC website as content is added
      • Letters to legislators
      • Letters to State Board of Education members
      • Ideas for presentations and speeches
      • Presenters
        • To local school boards
        • To interested groups (parents, political groups, etc.)
        • At legislative hearings (if scheduled)
        • Public Comment Periods at legislative committee meetings (5-10 minutes with handouts)
        • Appeal to the State Board of Education (Fall, 2013)
        • Those Gifted in Building Relationships With:
          • Legislators during the Legislative Session (for people near Cheyenne)
          • Legislators in home districts and at interim committee meetings (all over the state)
          • Media – anyone with connections in the newspaper, radio or television media to help us get our message out
          • School district staff (excellent role for teachers or volunteers in the school)

Contact Your Legislators: CLICK HERE

Contact Your State Board of Education: CLICK HERE

Truth In American Education has more information on how parents and community can act. Please visit this link for additional information: Click Here

For a “Town Hall Meetings: Grassroots Organizing Guide” Click Here

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