Concerns With The Next Generation Science Standards

Lack of Quality

• Rated “C” by the Fordham Institute

• there is so little advanced content that it would be impossible to derive a high school physics or chemistry course

• misses several opportunities to build important links between grade- appropriate math and required science content

Oppose Some Wyoming Values

• Wyoming’s economy revolves around mining and agriculture, the NGSS have a heavy negative slant at the use of such resources

• Are regulations, international treaties and alternative energy sources Wyoming’s ideal for solutions to the “negative impacts of human activity?”

• Does Wyoming value one-sided, unsupported viewpoints as fact?

• Religiously non-neutral which would lead to indoctrination, not education

• Fail to distinguish for students the various definitions of evolution, leading them to assume that the word always denotes the same thing

• Unconstitutional according to the Wyoming Constitution

Pending Court Case
• A non-profit in Kansas has filed a complaint against the Kansas Department of Education regarding the Next Generation Science Standards

• Kansas and Wyoming are both under the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. Therefore, if a ruling is made at that level, it will apply to Wyoming as well

• Wyoming should delay the consideration of the NGSS until this case is resolved

The following document includes detailed explanations for the above concerns:

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