Community Meetings Planned on Science Standards: Your Input Needed!

News on the Science Standards Front in Wyoming


Parents who’ve been concerned about standards adoption in Wyoming (and a close call nearly sweeping in the controversial Next Generation Science Standards right on the heels of the Common Core) now have an opportunity to chime in and be heard before the science standards review committee moves forward in its process. The purpose of these meetings is to give the public a chance to give input on two things:

  1. What Wyoming Science Standards should look like
  2. How the WDE can do the best possible job inviting parents to and including them in this process

Meetings are being held at multiple locations throughout the state. Community Meetings Press Release

It goes without saying that if parents don’t show up…we won’t be heard. Those of you who’ve thus far been unable to travel to speak to legislators and the State Board at their meetings NOW HAVE YOUR CHANCE. Here’s what parents need to be prepared to talk about:

1)  What specifically do you want your kids to get out of science standards?  (critical minds which have had opportunities to see/debate controversial issues in science from more than one viewpoint? Adequate content for quality high school courses in Physics and Chemistry? Excellent preparation for STEM career paths?) More Ideas HERE!

2) In contrast, what is it about NGSS that won’t help accomplish the goals you have for your children?  Help HERE and More Help HERE

3) How can the state do the best possible job communicating with you about opportunities to get your input on standards adoption and other major educational decisions being made at the state level (rather than you having to seek it out)?

  • Notes in backpack from your district?
  • Text or phone messaging system already used by your district?
  • Facebook or Social media? Info on joining from your district?
  • An e-mail notification system you can sign up for?
  • How much notice do you need for public meetings/public input?

We believe that our state can arrive at a set of superb standards characterized by autonomy, academic excellence, objectivity and transparency.  Details HERE.

The process must genuinely provide for meaningful participation by teachers, potential employers in the field of science, doctoral-level content area experts, AND parents, who should not have to wait until the end of the process to “comment”.   Adhering to the above principles would elevate Wyoming as an education leader among states instead of a follower in the continual march toward centrally-controlled, mediocre education. If you possibly can…please carve out time for the sake of your children and ALL students in Wyoming to make certain the parental voices are heard!

Thank You!

Wyoming Citizens Opposing Common Core TakeBack

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