Why We Are Against Common Core

Why Are We Against Common Core? 

  • Not “state-led” as claimed, developed and copyrighted by private interest groups
  • Federal government using “power of the purse” to coerce adoption
  • Three federal statutes prohibit what’s being done
  • Loss of local control over English Language Arts and Math standards, content, and testing in education
  • Quality and “rigor” of CCSS is dubious and debatable, and the CCSS have never been pilot tested
  • The door is now open for the federal government to “encourage” adoption of CCSS in other more controversial subject areas such as science, history and health
  • Threats to freedoms for private and home schools
  • Tremendous costs of teacher retraining, new computers and technology, new testing and scoring have not even been calculated for Wyoming, and federal money for it will ultimately come from citizens’ income taxes…citizens will have no real voice but still have to pay the bill
  • Loss of family privacy – unprecedented data collection, amassing and sharing planned with groups outside the school system, all as a result of quiet changes to laws designed to protect us
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