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NEW REVISED VIDEO: Distinction Now Made Between Two Related Coalitions

  Parental Outrage Remains Justified Since we first alerted you to a coalition of education professionals organizing against parents who they characterize as “hijacking” education, further information has come to light. We now find there are actually TWO “coalitions” working on the External Cost Adjustment for schools. Even thought they are not the same, these groups are related. While it … [Read More...]

VIDEO: Parental Input into Education is “Hijacking” and a Plan to Silence You!

Do your school district administrators listen and work on behalf of you and your children, or not so much? Are you sure about that? Concerned parents were recently shocked to learn that a coalition of nine school districts working together to get a funding adjustment to compensate for inflation is crossing over into territory completely outside of its stated mission. Territory that belittles … [Read More...]

**SIGN PETITION** Opt Out of Testing and Parental Rights in Jeopardy!

Wyoming Parents Take Note!  Your right to Opt out of Testing is in Jeopardy!  Please sign our petition provided BELOW to help ensure Governor Mead knows you demand he protect your right.  The right to direct the education of your child as YOU SEE FIT, regardless of our Attorney General's opinion. PLEASE DO TWO THINGS RIGHT NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY! 1) SIGN OUR PETITION to OPT OUT (Click *Read … [Read More...]

SBAC Common Core Testing Not Right for Wyoming: Letter to Select Commitee

Here is an exceptional letter written by Dan Brophy of Jackson Hole.  We have received permission to post it here for you to read. Mr. Brophy addresses many concerns that surround the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Common Core Testing.  This test is being strongly considered for adoption and replacement of the PAWS test in our state.  We hope that many people read this letter and … [Read More...]

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