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*IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED* You Don’t Want Your ONLY Vote in Public Education Taken Away!

UPDATE! HJ002 will be in committee this MONDAY, Jan. 26th.   They will be meeting right after adjournment at the Capitol in room 302. IF YOU ARE NEAR CHEYENNE AND WOULD CONSIDER TESTIFYING PLEASE CONSIDER JOINING OTHER CONCERNED CITIZENS! IF NOT… It is crucial that you contact the members of the House Education Committee and tell them to “Vote NO on HJ0002”. (If you haven't … [Read More...]

Former NASA Educator On the Next Generation Science Standards: Short on Science, Long on Errors and Indoctrination

As of the posting of this article, Wyoming continues to be in conflict over the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Did the legislature have legitimate reasons to defund its adoption in 2014, or was that political gaming? Does the NGSS promote political agendas based on incomplete science, or does it teach the “up to date” science concepts our students need to be “competitive in the 21st … [Read More...]

VOTE YES ON HB94 – Parental Rights: A Vital Take Action Alert!

This bill is an ACT relating to parents; providing for parental right to direct the upbringing, education and care of a child; providing applicability as specified; and providing for an effective date. This bill has been introduced and is assigned to the Judiciary Committee. If enacted, this bill would provide a firmer foundation of legal standing for parents to opt out of nationalized testing … [Read More...]

*URGENT* The Race is On! Take Action Alert!

  Two Bills To Be Debated in Committee Monday We are seeing quick action on education bills and there is no rest for activists this weekend. Monday afternoon upon adjournment, the House Education Committee will meet and consider two bills we want to make you aware of: HB73  is a very simple bill that basically allows that academic standards to be reviewed every 10 rather than 5 years. … [Read More...]

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