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A Sincere Thanks: Our Thank You Letter to Legislators

Dear Legislators, Parents have asked much of you this legislative season. Thank you all for your attention to and careful consideration of the matters relevant to our children’s lives and schooling. Of course, we especially thank so many of you who chose to respond favorably to our appeals for the restoration of local control, a genuine parental voice in public education, and parental … [Read More...]

US Congress is Pulling a FAST ONE! We Must Stop HR5 – It’s NOT Truly about “Student Success”

Our US Congressional Leadership is pushing HR5, the 600 page Reauthorization of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and have rebranded it the "Student Success Act" - DO NOT BE FOOLED!  It's NOT going to bring Student Success! This is happening with lightning speed! PLEASE contact our US Reps: Here is their contact information: Click on each name to be taken to their contact pages: Senator Mike … [Read More...]

*EMERGENCY* SF 8 Aims to Quietly Make “Local Control” An Even Bigger Lie!

This is the last week bills can leave committees and there will be a rush to finish up. SF8 (full bill HERE) is on the House Education Committee agenda Monday upon adjournment and could move along quickly. Thus, we are asking for your action on this bill that threatens any remaining notion of “local control”. What’s the skinny here? Basically, SF8 continues the death march of freedom for … [Read More...]

NGSS Letter to Legislators: Responding to Mischief! Unique Doesn’t Mean New Science!

Below is a copy of the letter we sent on behalf of  many parents who are concerned with the direction that HB23 could take our Wyoming in science standards: Dear Legislators, We hope to save you some time by hearing from a large group of Wyoming parents in one communication about HB23 (regarding NGSS). We are aware this bill will now go to conference, and we thought it wise to address this … [Read More...]

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