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Act Today: Insist that Your School Board Represents YOU When It Comes to Common Core!

We have recently been made aware that the Wyoming Association of School Administrators (WASA) is in the process of sending a letter to all of the local school boards, encouraging them to sign it and send on to legislators as part of an effort to lobby for moving ahead with education reform many parents do NOT want (Common Core, Smarter Balanced, and so on).  This effort could have tremendous … [Read More...]

Superintendent Elect Balow Asks Your Opinion About the Current State of Education in Wyoming

Please take this opportunity to let your voice be heard!  Our Superintendent Elect,  Jillian Balow is asking for your opinion about the current state of education in Wyoming. Questions aren't limited by canned answers, you can say exactly what you suggest and believe. If we don't make suggestions and ask for better, we have only ourselves to blame!  Take just  few minutes to take the … [Read More...]

NEW REVISED VIDEO: Distinction Now Made Between Two Related Coalitions

  Parental Outrage Remains Justified Since we first alerted you to a coalition of education professionals organizing against parents who they characterize as “hijacking” education, further information has come to light. We now find there are actually TWO “coalitions” working on the External Cost Adjustment for schools. Even thought they are not the same, these groups are related. While it … [Read More...]

VIDEO: Parental Input into Education is “Hijacking” and a Plan to Silence You!

Do your school district administrators listen and work on behalf of you and your children, or not so much? Are you sure about that? Concerned parents were recently shocked to learn that a coalition of nine school districts working together to get a funding adjustment to compensate for inflation is crossing over into territory completely outside of its stated mission. Territory that belittles … [Read More...]

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